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Myst and Ink

Myst and Ink

Book 1: Myst and Ink

Old Earth, the once-great planet of humankind, is a derelict wasteland of an ancient civilization.

Genevieve Harlow lives a mundane life on planet Tau as one of the working class forced to do as her House commands. Her lack of magical aptitude and orphan status make any advancement impossible. The House elites know nothing of Genevieve’s life—why would they—until she stumbles on a secret that will change the nine worlds forever.

Liam Anderson, an elite of unknown lineage, makes a living as a relic hunter and purveyor of ancient goods. Some call it smuggling, but the laws are vague at best. But Liam is in the wrong place at the wrong time when his fate becomes intertwined with Genevieve’s, putting both their lives in danger. He’s running from more than his past, but Genevieve’s secret is greater than either of them can possibly imagine.

More than one House will do anything to keep them quiet.

Myst and Ink is the first in a series of books that blend magic and technology, set 800 years in the future where the Earth has been abandoned for new worlds.

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