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Dark Awakened

Dark Awakened

Book 2: The Devil's Assistant

With nothing left of her fiancé but a single folded paper crane and a ring stashed in a sock drawer, Claire finds refuge in the last place The Boss and Mab would think to find her—the arms of Death. But lately her sanctuary is starting to feel like a prison, her dreams haunted by little crazies trying to tell her something or lead her down a path she does not want to go.

The key to freedom lies within her own blood. Too bad it leads her straight down the express portal to Purgatory. Where she discovers Mab is holding the Quads hostage, forcing their pagan gifts to manifest. These gifts aren’t the sweet and gooey kind. In Mab’s realm, the Tooth Fairy’s got bite, and the Easter Bunny is one vicious beyotch.

To free the Quads from Mab’s trap, Claire’s only chance is a quest traced in blood. And one drop of a mistake could not only upset the balance of power, it could cost her life.

Note to reader: The Devil’s Assistant series is best read in order.

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