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Dark Forsaken

Dark Forsaken

Book 3: The Devil's Assistant

Claire thought her old job as PA to the Devil was the worst ever. Boy, was she wrong. She’s still the Fall Queen, but has been stripped of the druid blood that gave her almost unlimited power. The Big Three—The Boss, Mab, and Harry—won’t let her back into her realm until she’s found a new curator for the Great Museum.

The interview process alone makes her long for the good old days as The Boss’s lackey. At least the monotony keeps her distracted from her broken heart, shattered at the bargain she’d had to make—his life spared in exchange for his memory of her.

Limping along on limited powers, she has no choice but to accept when the Big Three send her back to Little Purgatory to handle a turf war instigated by a “small problem”. But there are no such things as small problems, not when one wrong move could get Claire killed and bring about the wholesale collapse of the Underworld.

And you thought you were having a bad day at work.

Note to reader: This is book 3 of this four-book dark fantasy series. The series is best read in order.

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