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Dark Hope

Dark Hope

Book 1: The Devil's Assistant

Claire’s got the boss from Hell. Seriously. Honest to God, he’s the Devil. She got dropped into this job five years ago when her mother tried to weasel out of her deal by dying. Ha! The joke was on Claire. And so was Mom’s debt.

In this job, you don’t want to get the Red Folder from HR. The retirement package blows. And a pink slip is a one-way ticket to Hell.

But when Claire’s accused of somehow murdering Junior, The Boss’s immortal son, it’s no use pleading innocent. Someone’s setting her up, and she’s got no choice but to run—and try to figure out why there’s a target painted on her back.

Her only hope is to solve Junior’s murder before the Cleaners catch up with her. She didn’t count on being kidnapped by the four most dangerous hellspawn still alive. And discovering there’s a secret flowing in her blood not even she knew about? That’s just icing on the Underworld cake.

Note to reader: Book 1 of this four-book series contains a kickass paranormal girl with a so-not-glam PA job, a quest that takes her from the sunny Caribbean to the decidedly sunless Underworld, druids, demons, pagans, and the boss from Hell. The Devil’s Assistant series is best read in order.

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