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Nowhere, NJ

Nowhere, NJ

Book 2: The Good Bad Guys Mysteries

Fourteen-year-old Matty Dunmore and his gang live in Nowhere, NJ, and their world of mobsters and crooked cops is about to be turned on its head. When Matty—a runner for the local Mob boss, Mr. Hill—is attacked and robbed during a delivery, he soon discovers the package he was carrying wasn’t the only one taken. The boys are told to keep watch for anything suspicious, but after the death of a higher up in the organization, their surveillance is discovered by one of the traitors. Now the friends must make a choice—tell Mr. Hill and risk the safety of their families, or keep quiet and live.

Flash forward to the present. Matthew Larson is now a legitimate businessman in Florida, but his past is about to catch up with him. No one—not even his wife and son—know the truth about who he was. The Matt Larson they know is a loving husband and father, not a ghost named Matty Dunmore with a secret so big it could get Matt and everyone he loves killed. Matty needs to stay buried in the past if Matt has any hope of surviving in the present.

When his former gang of friends, still tied to the Mob, discover he’s alive, Matt’s world comes crashing down around him. His son, Pete, is kidnapped by the new Mob boss in Nowhere—his former friend Lenny. Matt has no clue why Lenny would do this, but for some reason Lenny’s determined to make Matt pay. The stakes are high, life and death decisions are made at every turn, and the sins of Matt’s father threaten to doom him to a similar fate. Is there anyone left he can trust?

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