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Double Blind

Double Blind

Book 2: Dangerous Eight

When Kat’s blind date turns out to be an undercover FBI agent, her humdrum life takes a decidedly more exciting turn. First, she’s mistaken for a hooker and then she survives being shot at—twice. Now her boss has been murdered, her roommate has been kidnapped, and a contract killer wants her dead.

Once upon a time, FBI Special Agent Scott Bishop was quickly moving up the career ladder at the bureau. Then his career took a sharp detour into no-man’s land. In an effort to get back on track, he takes a temporary undercover assignment, working to expose a money laundering operation run by the elusive Cameron Greyson.

Unfortunately, nothing about this case is simple. Bishop’s field supervisor drops the ball, and an assassin beats them to the punch. Greyson is dead, Bishop’s cover is blown, and Kat, caught in the middle of a crazy situation, is in danger.

Bishop must keep Kat safe—regardless of whether she wants his help or not. In the end, will she be willing to take a chance on Mr. Dangerous? Will he be willing to sacrifice his career for the woman he loves?

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