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Flight Risk

Flight Risk

Book 1: Dangerous Eight

When Haden Smith’s well-connected boyfriend had her father killed, she knew her only way out was to run. Since then, she’s survived by staying on the move and trusting no one. Four years later and hundreds of miles away from her old life, a night out with work friends sets off a chain reaction no one could have expected. For just one night, she let herself forget the rules—and now she’s dealing with deadly consequences.

Night Club owner and ex-Army Ranger Christopher Drake is in pain. It’s been months since his girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver, turning his world upside down. When, at his friends’ urging, he finally opens himself up to the possibility of meeting someone new, he encounters Haden–the only girl in his club who’s not impressed by this sexy bad boy.

But even though Haden’s secrets threaten their growing attraction, Drake isn’t without resources. Her fear ignites a spark in him that no amount of reason will subdue, and he’s convinced that he and his friends can help her escape her pursuers and stop running for good.

With both the Ortega drug cartel and the Russian Mafia after her, Haden will do anything to survive, but is she willing to risk it all to let Drake help?

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